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Powerpoint as a Vector Drawing application:

  • What is a Vector Drawing? - Creates vector images based on mathematically defined curves lines.

  1. Disatvantages
  2. Not well suited for editing or creating realistic images (like photos).
  1. Advantages
  2. No Jaggies or stair-step appearance, just smooth looking graphics.
  3. Fonts are better recognized
  4. Can be saved as a bitmap file format Higher quality output
  5. Can manipulate objects freely and still access them individually.

  • What is a Raster Drawing? Our normal drawing program like paint and paintbrush based on pixels

  1. Disatvantages
  2. Cant create crisp, bold, smooth graphics
  3. Enlarging - Suffers from alialising or blurred appearance when enlarged
  4. Pixels or squares make a jaggie stair-step appearance.
  5. Reduction of image can result in interpolation or indiscriminate discarding of pixels.
  6. Require huge amounts of memory. Usually larger than a vector file, this means they should be compressed to store.
  7. Slows down the reading, rendering and printing
  1. Advantages
  2. Primarily used working with photographs and other realistic image
  3. Can modify individual pixels or large groups of pixels.
  4. Data compression can shrink the size of the pixel data.

  • We will use the Power point Drawing toolbar.
  • Basic Shapes Send to Back / Bring to Front
  • We can also change the Vector images one object at a time .. With Ungroup / Group option.
  • When we want an exact copy we can Duplicate our image.
  • We can also apply some transformations like rotate stretch shift etc..


  • Insert a clipart of a dog and duplicate. Then ungroup the clipart and see that different things can be moved independently. Change the vector shapes and then regroup them to the clipart.
  • Add a textbox with some words and group it to the clipart.

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