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Computer Binary - Introduction:

  • The computer is made up of memory chips and ultimately these are made up of bits (switches).
  • Each bit or switch represent two states, either on / off.
  • The bits form patterns that represent our Characters. Each character has a different pattern. Even capital and small letters have different patterns. It is like a code. The keyboard knows these codes and send them to the computer when we press keys.
  • 8 bits / 1 byte is enough to hold all our letters and characters and for each character we need 1 byte of memory in the computer
  • Write down the following table:

1 switch 1 bit
8 bits 1 byte
1024 byt 1 Kilo Byte
1024 Kilo Bytes 1 Mega Byte
1024 Mega Bytes 1 Giga Byte

  • Work out some calculations like:
    • How many bits are there in 5 bytes
    • How many kilo bytes are there in a floppy disk of 1.44mb
    • How many 20kb documents would be held by a floppy.
    • How many 20kb documents would be held by a Cd-Rom


  • To know the size or capacity of a file we need to right click on it and click on properties. We know its size then.
  • Open the pen drive and see how much there is used space and how much there is left.
  • Copy fonts and check whether they will fit in the free floppy disk space or not.
  • Continue copying fonts and files until the pen drive is full.
  • Check the document size and the fonts size and compare
  • Open a new text document, name it and check its properties. It will be 0 Bytes.
  • Now open it and write a Letter in it. Save it and check its properties.
  • It will read 1 byte.
  • Continue and show that the space takes another byte and the enter will take 2 bytes.
  • Remember about the enormous capacity held by the hard disk and how much 11 byte text files would fit in the hard disk.

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