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Image manipulation using Paint shop pro

Note: You need to download paint shop pro to practice this lesson. The trial version will do just fine.

  • Image manipulation refers to the formatting and editing actions we do on a particular image.
  • When we enlarge a picture, rotate it or change it in some way or another – then we are called to be applying image manipulation.
  • We can’t use simple programs like “paint” to do that.. Instead we have specialised programs like “Paint Shop Pro” that help us in the task.
  • A image is nothing more than a set of colours near each other that form a picture. Our programs just change or move these colours or dots. These dots are called pixels.
  • Apart from the following options – PSP has a large number of options that one can use. Most of these options are the tools of professional artists and imaging people.

  • We can:
    • Flip an image
    • Mirror an image
    • Rotate a picture whichever angle we want
    • Resize a picture
    • Resize the canvas.

Practice: Switch on the pc and :

  • Download a set of picture of your preferred artist
  • Switch on Paint shop Pro and apply the above image manipulations.
  • Save I different formats like bmp – jpg and gif and see the differences.

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