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Different types of Software.

Utility Software
  • Utilities are small programs for our daily use
  • They can mainly be obtained from the internet
  • They can be obtained from Magazine cdís but one must pay attention to viruii in CDís
  • A very famous site for utilities is called www.tucows.com

  • Compression programs:
    • It is often useful to send a group of related files to an associate. Rather than distributing individual files it is often easier to distribute the files as an archive to benefit from the file grouping and compression.
    • Some files are important but used infrequently. To save disk space simply compress these files into an archive when they are not used, and decompress them only when needed.
    • WinZip makes it easy for Windows users to work with archives. WinZip features an intuitive point-and-click drag-and-drop interface for viewing, running, extracting, adding, deleting, and testing files in archives with a standard Windows interface.
    • WinZip provides the same "friendly face" for all the aforementioned archive formats.
    • Winzip COMPRESS files and GROUPS files together.
    • Zip files are the most common archive format. WinZip does not require external programs for basic archive operations.

  • Differet levels of compression:
    • Slow <- More compression but takes more time
    • Normal
    • Fast <- Less compression and takes less time.

  • Practice:
    • Download the latest Winzip on the local machine and install it. Then create some zip files and add some documents into them
    • Create a zip file in the pen drive and add all the documents inside it. Then create another for pics etc..
    • H.W. Create a zip file with the documents in it.

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