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Different types of Software.

Operation system software

This is the program that each computer uses as an interface between the human and the machine. In most personal computer this is either MAc or Windows but there are a lot more types particularly in the industry.

Different types of operating systems software:

  • Operating system software
    • Dos, Win9x and millennium, WinNT and 2000,Unix, Mac, dedicated oses
    • From dos to desktop metaphors transitions (GUI) done by apple. Xerox to apple to Microsoft history.
    • G.U.I graphcal user interface.
    • Win XP - Windows Vista - Windows 7

Different types of operating systems
Win NT 1
Win NT 2
Win NT 3
Win NT 4
Win 2000

For networks

Dos 1-6
Win 3.1
Win 95
Win 98
Win Millennium
Win (XP)
Win Vista
Win 7

For P.C.s

Mac os
Power mac


For Apple computers

Unix Systems

Sun os (Solaris)


Free BSD

Cisco systems

For networks


Browse internet on related topics Mac Microsoft Unix - Linux systems.

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