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Simple Programing with QBasic

  • In some of our previous lessons we have built a website. A website is a set of tags (commands) but it is not considered as programming. One scripts a website. Simple programming is called Scripting.
  • Now we are going to build real programs that could operate real things such as; machinery, peripherals etc.
  • To start on Programming we will focus on QBasic. Basic was the first programming language and QBasic stands for Quick Basic. It is a better version of Basic and more student friendly.
  • Today the programs that we use like Word, games etc are not made with Basic. There are much more advanced programs like C++ that help us programming large software.
  • On the other hand QBasic is used by students who want to start learning how to program.
  • Pascal is another programming language that is used by students and it is very popular.
  • How do I load QBasic? (QBasic is so small that it fits easily into a pen drive. In fact you can have the QBasic and several of your programs in one floppy. )
  • You will first save a copy of QBasic.exe on your pen drive. Then browse the pen drive and double click on the QBasic program. In QBasic you can either use your cursor keys - your mouse or both to navigate through the menus.

Write down this simple program and then save as yourname.bas

PRINT "Appleworld"
PRINT 3 + 4

Now add the following commands to your program so that you make it better:

REM this is my program
PRINT "Appleworld"
PRINT 3 + 4

In the second example REM stands for remark and anything you type before that command will not affect the program. CLS is used to clear screen everytime that little program is run.


  • Switch on the computers save a copy of QBasic on your floppy Write the above program save as yourname.bas add some personal modifications.
  • Browse through the help section.

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