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Flow Charts

  • Where are Flow charts used? – Mainly in Computer programs but we can use them also in practical tasks like “Cooking an egg”.
  • What is a Flow Chart? – A flow chart is a tool that shows the processing logic of a computer program at several levels. It describes what each step does at a time.
  • There are other tools which one could use to plan his program, like structure charts or pseudo code.
  • The use of Flow Charts makes the process of coding our program easier and faster to debug.
  • These are some main symbols used in flowcharts:

flow charts

  • Start / Stop: Used as first or last symbol
  • Connector: Link with another part of the program or another page
  • Input / Output: When an input or an output is carried out (ex: printing)
  • Process: Operations on data. Details should be written inside the box
  • Decision: Used where a decision or test is carried out. The lines (paths) out show the results
  • Predefined Process: Used for several instructions defined elsewhere (ex: in a subroutine)


  • Draw out practical examples of the following:
    1. How to cross the road safely
    2. How to cook an egg
    3. How to write a program that checks if the students failed or passed an exam.

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