Computer Studies
 Knot Making

Main parts of a computer.

  • Tower (Case)
    • Difference between tower and desktop models
    • Difference between ATX and AT
  • Keyboards
    • 102 keys
    • microsoft ergonomic keyboard
    • multimedia keyboard
    • Difference between ps2 and At (ps2 is a small adaptor while AT is larger)
  • Ports
    • Com ports, Paralell ports, usb, infrared ports (all are used to communicate with devices (ex: mouse, printer, scanner etc..)
  • Printers
    • Dot-matrix, inkjet, laser Pros & cons (you know about these)
  • Scanners
    • Resolution and price Negative scanners
  • Network adaptors
    • Modems, network cards,
  • Cd-rom, CDR, CDRW, DVD
  • Mice
    • Ps2, serial mouse, wheel mouse, wheel mouse

Practice: Internet.

Find what is the difference between pheripheral and internal devices , (all that not in Cpu and controlled by it).

Search on important keywords on the internet and take down notes.

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