Computer Studies
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  • We use QWERTY keyboard because the first keys are q,w,e,r,t,y.
  • When we type we must sit correctly. (Good typing posture)
  • The monitor must be adjusted level to our eye-sight
  • When typing we must place our hands as if we were holding an apple.

    1. We place the left handsí first finger on the key F and the right handsí right finger on the key J
    2. We press space with the thumbs
    3. If possible we do not look at the keyboard
    4. We must learn how to press the backspace key with our right handís smallest finger.
    5. We have 2 enter keys and 2 shift keys and we use them both to save time.
    6. We must also learn to press shortcuts with one hand ex: ctrl+s
    7. We must also learn that when we have many numbers to key in, the numpad is best to use
  • Words per minute is the speed with which we measure our typing skills
  • At least we should be able to make 30wpm but fast typists sometimes make 50-60 wpm
  • There are many programs which can teach us typing. One of the most famous is Mavis Beacon.
  • A person who types fast is called a touch-typist. (normally at 50 WPM)


  • Load some typing programs and practice typing accuracy and speed.
  • Load Mavis Beacon Ver.11 and practice some funny games.

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