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File Sharing and different network topologies:

  • Revise the Star Bus Ring networks briefly.
  • Bit-torrent started this file-sharing idea to distribute songs and data on the internet.
  • It offers a lot of content but none is given by bit torrent itself.
  • When logging on to download a song this is what happened:

central database network

  1. Back some years ago, Napster used to be a large file sharing service.
  2. It had a central server so when it shut down, all the content became suddenly unavailable.
  3. Today we use a different topology, as in the modern torrent services.
  4. Your machine became a small server able to make files available to other bit torrent users.
  5. Your machine connected to Bit torrent central servers. It told the central servers which files were available on your machine. So the Napster central servers had a complete list of every shared song available on every hard disk connected to Napster at that time.
  6. You typed in a query for a song. Bit torrent central servers listed all of the machines storing that song.
  7. You choose a song from the list.
  8. Your machine connected to the user's machine that had that song, and downloaded the song directly from that machine.

network topologies

  • The legal concept behind torrents is, "All of these people are sharing the songs on their hard disks with their friends."
  • Today's seeding programs work like this:
  • No Central Database. Every p.c. is a small database.
  • Now to look for a song, it is like asking the computers and all will ask others until someone finds it and replies back.


  • Enter the Internet
  • Search on Bit torrent, Bearshare etc

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