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Advanced Power Point Transitions and Animations:

  • Up to our previous lesson we have talked only about slides and formatting them.
  • We applied slide designs, backgrounds and styles.
  • In this lesson we will learn about the more advanced features in Power Point; the animations.
  • Power point presentation is already better looking and more rich in style than normal slides, but animations really create outstanding presentations.
  • When we apply animations we make the presentation more lively, eye-catching and stimulating to the listener to learn.

Format > Slide Design and then we choose from various slide backgrounds and styles.

  • When we use animations we can add sounds make text and pictures move etc.
  • We can also add the popular transitions. These are a set of predefined programs that we can apply to the whole slide or just individual text or pictures.
  • Some popular transitions are Check in and Blinds. These just make the transition between one slide and another with an animation in between.
  • On a more advanced note, we can also apply timed animations and publish our slide presentation online.


  • Enter the Power point Program
  • Load the presentation about your favourite cooking recepie including some pictures and apply slide transitions.
  • Add a clipart and apply some animations to it.
  • Make the presentation more interesting by applying some sounds etc..
  • See what Effect-Timing and Text animation does!

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