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Powerpoint as a Presentation Software:

  • A group of people talking together are communicating. If this group of people are also sharing ideas with each other then we say they are interacting.
  • When a single person talks and all the other listen we say that it is a “lecture” or a “lesson”.
  • In the old days Lectures or talks were given only orally – with the microphone – with some large photos – using a slide – using a monitor and a video and nowadays we use the Computer.
  • As a special presentation software we have Power point that lets us add slides and many other features.

  • Basically it is the same “lesson” but now it has more things like pictures – sounds – animations and many more features, so it is more attractive and easy to understand for the listeners.
  • With the use of a projector or a large monitor we can now even project our presentation so that it is larger for people to see.
  • Some presentations are also found on the internet and the Person giving the “lesson” just browse the internet and he shows the presentation.


  • Enter the Power point Program
  • Practice on the Vector drawings if not done at home.
  • Explore the many options and create a small presentation of one slide. Add a clipart and some basic shapes to form a picture of your own.
  • Click on Slide show to view it full screen.

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