Computer Studies
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Computer overview

What is in our PC case?
Different devices and a core unit called motherboard.

What do we see if we open up the case.
Wires, silver boxes, fans, circuit boards.

Why aren’t we allowed to open up the computer?
Safety to ourselves and protection for the computer parts.

Main parts of a computer.

  • Check the website for a picture of a computer tower from the inside. See if you can identify some parts and take note. Keep in mind that there is a desktop (horizontal) model and a tower(vertical) model. The tower is divided in small – midi and full tower.
  • Check about the main parts inside the computer desktop case. Keep in mind that everything is electrical and that wires carry voltage to the components.
  • Draw a map of the computer components. Label the parts.
  • Now check about a tower computer to see the difference. The cpu and the motherboard are positioned differently.
  • Although we have many parts, we can always upgrade our pc to make it faster and hold more data. Find out what can we upgrade in the comp and what it's not worthed to?

We can upgrade We cannot upgrade
Cards (sound / video)
Power supply
Connecting wires

Check about the input plugs there are on the backside of the pc. Note that they are almost common for every computer and that each is different.

Look at the input sockets (called ports) found at the back of your computer case and take a note what device is connected to that port.

Practice: Internet.

Find what is the difference between pheripheral and internal devices , (all that not in Cpu and controlled by it).

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