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Formatting; Styles

  • Remind about last lessonís content (editing) and that this time we are doing formatting once more.
  • The fonts are like a large table full of drawn letters and characters on them.
  • Different fonts have all different styles.
  • We can apply all formatting procedures to our fonts.

Where do we find fonts?
Fonts are either purchased or downloaded for free from the internet. We can find a lot of fonts already installed in our pc in the Windows>fonts folder.

Fonts have :

1. letters
2. numbers
3. characters and symbols.

Fonts are divided in two types:

Download some fonts and save them in a usb drive.

  • Enter the Microsoft word and look for the font box and the font style.
  • Type the following 8 sentences using different fonts and size each time.
  • Write the font and the size after each sentence
  • How to copy a Font:
    • We copy the fonts from the usb.
    • We go home +switch on the computer
    • Insert usb .
    • Open windows explorer to copy font
    • Click on c :
    • Click on windows
    • Click on fonts
    • Copy and paste the font here
  • Run Word program again and check that now the new fonts are added

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