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The usage of the ALT and CTRL keys

  • Remember about last lessonís special keys and remember that two of them were the alt and ctrl keys.
  • The alt is used most for the menu and the ctrl is used mainly for shortcuts.
  • The menu could be accessed also from the keyboard using the alt and the cursor keys and the enter key.
  • We can shutdown the computer using the Alt-F4 keys
  • The use of the shortcut keys
  • Ctrl is usually combined with other keys to make a shortcut.
  • The Alt-Ctrl-Del function (switch off pc / task manager)
  • In this lesson the students will learn particularly the use of the ctrl key in Word as a shortcut key and we will browse the word menu using the Alt.


  • Students practice by using the cut, copy and paste options in word. (the buttons).
  • Repeat the same thing but this time using Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V.

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