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The keyboard layout: A more detailed overview.

  • Explain that the keyboard is divided between “normal” keys and “special” keys.
  • Although generally the special keys are painted grey, they could also be white like the others. In modern multimedia keyboards they are white.
  • They are easily recognised because while character keys print only the characters they represent, the function keys are used for special functions or roles.
  • Character keys have two roles; ex. An a and a capital A. for the same key.
  • Give handout to students and fill the handout and the important keys with them.
  • Fill in their roles in the text boxes provided.
  • Explain that we will focus on the keyboard and will practice on an internet game.


keyboard handout


  • Log on to http://www.tased.edu.au/schools/rosettap/imm/qwerty/keyboard.html
  • Browse to the last game (upper and lower)
  • Explain the difference between upper and lower case.
  • Carry on the three games
  • Practice the last exercise against time.

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