Computer Studies
 Knot Making

The Word Program

  • Why word processing packages? Advantages and disatvantages
    • Advantages :fast, convenient, easily editable, easily copied
    • Disadvantages: not a hard copy so can be easily lost, save feature could be forgotten, person has to learn and buy a computer prior of working
  • Why do we need to format?
    • To make text look more attractive and proffessional
    • To make it more readable
    • To emphasise certain text
    • To create our original style
  • Why do we work on a soft copy?
    • So that it is easily editable
    • We can easily move it between one computer to another
    • Multiple copies could be easily made

Explain the meaning of the cursor and the use of the cursor keys.

Find the following buttons, and explain their use:

  • Cursor keys
  • Enter key
  • New button
  • Open button
  • Save button


typing handout

Handout 4 above

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