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Charts and Graphs in Excel:

  • Making a simple chart:
    • Stefania had her birthday and her mother cooked a cake for her. She took it to school.
    • There came hungry Elaine and ate half her cake.
    • Ramona ate half of the remaining half
    • Antonella took the rest.
    • Stefania decided that she will not bring another cake to school.
  • Charts and Graphs produce a pictorial view so that all people can understand and compare data.
  • A chart can represent ‘difficult to read’ data easily. It can also represent different sets of data all in one chart.

  • Excel has a special feature: The chart Wizard. This makes it easier for us to make our chart.
  • We can choose from Line, Bar and pie-chart amongst its choices.
  • Before making the chart, excel needs a table of data to work on. So we have to type in a table with figures before doing the chart.
  • It is important that we do not mix numbers with text in our data cells. We can only write text as the cell or row heading.
  • Example of a simple chart:
    • First we write in the row and cell headings
    • Then we type in the data grouped in rows or cells
    • Then we select all the table and click on “Chart Wizard” button.
    • Then we select the type of chart
    • We select the series : By rows or by columns
    • We write a chart title and other information and click ‘Finish’

Input the data explained above and create a chart.

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