Computer Studies
 Knot Making

Help and Internet Search.

  • Help in Excel.
  • We switch on Help by pressing F1. This applies to a large number of Applications. F1 is like the DEFAULT key for the help.
  • Once the help window is displayed, we need to search the keywords. There is no need to include words like “AND” “OR” “THE”. We just write the keywords like “Cells” or “Borders”

    • Help in the internet.
      • We must decide if we are searching through an internet directory or through a normal search engine.
      • We must search different search engines.
      • Keywords rules apply like the Help.
      • By increasing our keywords, we will narrow down our search
      • To save our work, we will use the copy and paste technique to gather an information document.
      • By including keywords like “Tips” “Hints” “Information” etc .. we will narrow down our search.

    Produce a word document on Excel Formatting as a project. Start off here by browsing the internet and copying information.

  • play free sudoku online

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