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Excel and formatting

  • Formatting of Cells.
    • In Excel we can format our cells, we can either
      1. right click on the cell and choose “format cells” or
      2. click on “Format” and then choose “Cells”
    • A dialog box appears with tabs. Mostly we use the:
      1. Alignment
      2. Font
      3. Border and
      4. Pattern tab. <>

  • The Alignment lets us choose if we want the text horizontally or vertically placed, with their options. We can also write text at an angle.
    • The Font is similar to the Word and we can choose the font we like along with some effects.
    • The border tab lets us add a border to the table and choose a style.
    • The patterns tab is full of colours to use and we can add patterns as well.
  • We can fill the cells with colour and also print the text in colour.
  • We change paper layout from File > Page setup > Landscape.
  • When we format our tables, we make them more attractive and easier to read.
  • We use the A-> Z or Z->A tools to sort our data in ascending order or descending. We must select the heading and all contents cells to sort data.

Use the Formatted Tables handout and carry it out


formatting in excel

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