Computer Studies
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Short test - Browser, Harddisk, work and excel revision

Practice 1:

  • Log in Windows Explorer
  • Connect the usb pen drove
  • create 2 folders named “English” and “Computer”
  • Create another 2 sub-folders named “CW” and “HW” in each folder.
  • Create a text file named “revision.txt” in X:\English\CW

Practice 2:

  • Log in the internet and find information about: “CPU” , “HardDisks” , “Keyboards” and “Laptops”.
  • Save interesting information in a text file called "revision.txt" in the X:/Computer/HW

Practice 3:

  • Switch on word and open revision.txt from the pen drive. Apply some formatting to the text including bold, underline, colour, highlight, justification etc.
  • Save the file as a document in the same folder as revision.txt.

Practice 4:

  • Switch on the paint program and draw a picture of yourself.
  • Save the file as jpg.
  • Switch back to word and insert the file (picture) in the document.

Practice 5
Switch on excel and create a new file. Save the file as “test2.xls” in x:\Computer\HW
In the Workbook enter the following data:

excel practice

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