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Excel – The interface & basic Formulae

  • What is a cell? (where a row meets a column)
  • What can we input in a cell? (text, numbers and formulae)
  • When do we use “merge and center”? (typically we use it for row titles and headings.)
  • How do we make a chart? (we select the cells and then click on the “chart wizard”. This will guide us through the chart.)
  • Why do we use more than one sheet? (In a workbook it is wise to separate different sections as different sheets so that our work will be more organised.)
  • Note the Sigma notation and that it is used for Addition.

Insertion of data:

Insert a new column

  1. Click on the column header where you want to insert a new one.
  2. From the menu bar click on Insert
  3. Choose column

Insert a new row

  1. Select the line where you want to insert a new row.
  2. From the menu bar click on Insert
  3. Choose row.
  4. Selecting a range of cells
  5. Select B2:D6. The first cell will always be white, while a black frame surrounds the selection will clearly show that it is a part of the highlighted area.

Formulae (addition):

  • we use the Sigma notation.
  • we write formula =sum(a1:a7)


  • Logon to excel and start a new workbook.
  • Input the data on the worksheet.
  • Save the data.
  • Insert new columns and rows.
  • Practice with the Sigma notation – first highlight the cell which will have the answer, press the Sigma and then select the cells to add up.
  • Practice with the write forumula. - =sum(a1:a7)

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