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What is a web site?

  • A web site is a collection of online pages which are grouped in a single place.
  • Technically, a website is a space on a web-server.
  • Search engines and web directories lead to web sites.
  • To view a web site one needs:
    • A web-server connected to the internet.
    • Many web pages in the site
    • A pc connected to the internet
    • A browser that runs on the pc

What is a homepage?

  • A homepage is a single page in a web site.
  • A homepage can feature oneís hobbies or a detailed news agenciesí
  • Normally one access a homepage via a link.

How fast is a web-site?

  • Speed depends mainly on two factors:
    1. the connection speed of the web-server
    2. the connection of the userís pc
  • Speed could also depend on these factors:
    1. the connection speed of the ISP
    2. the contents of the homepage. (if there are large pictures and long pages it takes a while to load)
    3. the ISPís settings. (If the ISP sets a cache where pages are saved and given to other users, then the speed is increased. This is called a proxy.)


  • Log on the internet and browse web sites.
  • Practice a chat program like msn, facebook or twitter.

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