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How the web-server and the internet work.

  • Revise what URL stands for (universal resource locator)
  • The basic process:
    1. You type in the url (ex:http://www.google.com/index.htm)
    2. Following diagram shows what happens:
      how internet works

    3. Your browser formed a connection to a Web server, requested a page and received it. If you want to get into a bit more detail, here are the basic steps that occurred behind the scenes:
      • The browser broke the URL into 3 parts:
        • The protocol ("http")
        • The server name ("www.google.com")
        • The file name ("index.htm")
      • The web server translates the servername into a special number called an IP number
      • Then a connection is formed through this IP number
      • Finally the browser on the local computer requests the file (index.htm) from the web server.
      • The file / web page is displayed on your monitor.


  • Log on the internet and browse freeware and shareware sites
  • Install a couple of programs and check their uses.

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