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Different types of computers – Web Hunt:

  • All the computers we talked about last time could be bought from their respective sales agent, but we can also easily browse through these products on today’s most popular information source: Internet.
  • Apart the hardware, we will also look at the applications that these computers carry out, with reference to the four main types of computers mentioned the lesson before.
  • Firstly, though, we need to know that the internet has two main search options:
    • search engines – (like google.com)
    • Web directory – (like google web directory)
  • Mainly each search engine possess its own web directory, and it is normally accessible through a link on the main search page.
  • It is important to note that the following are only some of the mayor search sites one could visit:
    • www.google.com
    • www.yahoo.com
    • www.altavista.com
    • www.hotbot.com
    • www.lycos.com
    • www.webcrawler.com
    • www.abcsearchengine.com
    • www.excite.com


  • Log on to the internet and search about last week’s topics.
  • Browse a search engine and jump to the web directory, explain the difference
  • Search on the following keywords:
    • Micro computers
    • Desktop computers
    • Portable computers
    • Laptop
    • Notebook
    • PDA
    • Mini Computers
    • Mainframe computers
    • Super computers
    • Weather forecast
    • Silicon Graphics
  • Search about search engines
  • Some important sites:
    • http://www.epinions.com - hardware
    • http://www.sgi.com - silicon graphics
    • http://www.sdsc.edu/discovery/lo/sc.htm - super computers

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