Computer Studies
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Computer Lesson Beginners 1

Computer overview

Why are computers so widely used? Where are they used ? :washing machines, banks, space labs, missles etc..

Main parts of a computer. Label them on worksheet below:

  • Example: Hard disk and sound card (the main difference between them : moving vs electronic)
  • Monitors (Cathode raytube,, Lcd, Plasma screens)
  • Keyboards (Used to input information in the computer)
  • Printers (Prints out text as well as coloured pictures)
  • Scanners (Inputting a picture in the computer)
  • Mice (Normal Scroll wheel - optical)
  • Floppy - A: in windows also found in My computer used to transport data (nowadays we use DVD/CD/external usb hard drives)


pc main parts handout


  • Switching on the computer logging on writing student / lesson
  • The desktop called "the desktop"
  • Loading explorer
  • Hierarchy tree folders and subfolders.
  • Creating a folder
  • Creating a subfolder
  • Creating a textfile in root
  • Moving file to folder

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